New MRI Site!

27 04 2010

MRI Lightpainting has a brand new webisite!  Please update all of your bookmarks and come visit us at !  Whataya waitin’ for!  Get goin!

MRI Lightpainting New Site

MRI Lightpainting New Site

This Friday NYC – Daniel(s)

19 04 2010

Alright peoples.  Not long ago we posted about a friend of a friend who makes brilliant 8-bit flavored-with-live-instrumentation-cyborg-music.  His name is Daniel(s).  Definitely MRI approved.  He’s playing in New York this Friday at Lit Lounge with The Sea That Dried Up and Became A Parking Lot (best name ever).  The show is at 8:30, and it will be brilliant.  Bring your friends, and feel free to spam this MRI-created flyer everywhere.

Daniel(s) at Lit Lounge in NYC - April 23rd

Daniel(s) at Lit Lounge in NYC - April 23rd

This is what the show will most likely look like.

See you all there!

New Photo: “Almost. Completely. Gone”

14 04 2010

Last night we took a little time to shoot something more abstract.  I (Ryan) had been itching for a more expressive shoot since we had mostly been shooting photo booths for the last few months.  I had the idea of some random, semi-disconnected text (written on the official MRI Chalkboard wall) that connected in a way to some lightpainting imagery.

So Michelle and I got out the equipment, and I suppose what we came up with is a person leaving a goodbye note as they start to disappear completely…leaving only lights behind.  We also got a few other shots (and we’ll definitely be doing more chalk/light pieces), but I wanted to get this one up right now because it feels so fresh.  Check it out and enjoy…

MRI Lightpainting - "Almost.Completely.Gone"

MRI Lightpainting - "Almost.Completely.Gone"

-Ryan (M::R::I)

WE LOVE THIS: Glitch Mob – “Beyond Monday” + “Drive it Like You Stole It” [VIDEO]

14 04 2010

Its no secret that we are massive Glitch Mob fans…we’ve seen many edIT/Glitch Mob shows, and we’ve definitely rocked out at them all.  Today they just came out with this absolutely brilliant light infused video for “Beyond Monday”, a re-working of their now famous “Monday” remix into “Drive It Like You Stole It”, a new track.  This is so great.  Nice work Mr. Brandon Hirzel!  MRI Salutes you (and The Glitch Mob, of course).


Photos From the Hennessy Blackout!

13 04 2010


Have you guys checked out the photos from the Hennessy blackout yet?  Well you better get to it!  They are up now on the MRI Flickr.

MRI Lightpainting - Hennessy Blackout

MRI Lightpainting - Hennessy Blackout 1

MRI Lightpainting - Hennessy Blackout 1

MRI Lightpainting - Hennessy Blackout 3

MRI Lightpainting - Hennessy Blackout 3

Stay tuned for more!  We’re shooting (just for fun, gotta balance out all the events) tonight!


Got Hennessy BlackED OUT Last Night

12 03 2010

Hey guys,

Thought we’d check in a little bleary-eyed from our big event last night, shooting a photo booth at a Hennessy Black brand activation party.  A while back we were contacted to help launch the new booze, as their marketing is very light-art heavy, making us the perfect fit!

So we jumped in the car last night with our printers, camera, tripods, and our huge ridiculous bag of lights to set up a booth at a nightclub in Jersey.  On our way there, we encountered a guy selling these crazy light-swords at the entrance of the Holland Tunnel.  Taking it as a sign we picked one up, and it was everything we hoped it would be (Seriously, we’re basically spazzy 6 year olds when it comes to pretty lights).  Check out a photo of the sword below, straight from the MRI twitter.

MRI Lightpainting's New LIGHT SWORD  AHHH!

MRI Lightpainting's New LIGHT SWORD AHHH!

Once we got there we were blown away.  They went ALL OUT for this thing (dancers, drummers, body painting, black light graffiti, Angie Martinez, Snookie, Paulie D…The USUAL ha), so we made sure to bring our “A Game”.  We got our booth set up (with help from super assistant Ae Bob) and got to shooting.  It was a little bright in the club so we had to wrestle with the lights a bit, making sure we were only using super bright lights to counteract the ambient light.  After a few tries we got it figured out and shot some really cool stuff that we will be posting on the MRI flickr soon.  This bag of glowy ice cubes was our favorite light all night, thanks to its amazing brightness…also, putting them in a bag gave a really cool effect in front of the camera.

MRI Lightpainting's "Bag O' Glowy Ice Cubes"

MRI Lightpainting's "Bag O' Glowy Ice Cubes"

The crowd was a little hesitant at first (they always are) but once they saw the images, they would come back, crazy Henny drink in hand, to get another picture made…and another…and another…and we were happy to oblige.  After we got everything printed out for everyone we got back on the road exhausted but happy, crash landing back in BK at about 2 AM.  Totally worth it.

Funny side note:  We kept our equipment bags behind the bar, so by the end of the night they were SOAKED in Hennessy, literally, covered in it.  So by the time we got home everything smelled like the floor of E-40’s car.  No worries though, we just hosed ’em down with Febreze.  Good as new.

MRI Lightpainting - The Hennessy Blackout Aftermath

MRI Lightpainting - The Hennessy Blackout Aftermath

Stay tuned for the photos!!


Bonus Pictures From Suzan’s BDay

9 02 2010

So, after frantically looking for a missing card…we finally found it…in the printer.

Being the first time using our printer at an event, we totally forgot to take the card out of the printer we were done, meaning we were convinced that we lost a bunch of awesome photos.  Well anyway, here are a couple new awesome pictures we  unearthed from Suzan’s birthday.  Enjoy.  One of them looks like a sweet album cover…

Suzan's BDay - MRI Lightpainting

MRI Lightpainting - Suzan's Birthday


2 02 2010

This is Daniel(s).  This video is 10 kinds of awesome.  In the near future (April) we hope to be doing an event with this dude.

William’s Bar Mitzvah + Suzan’s BDay + Happy New Year

5 01 2010


What just happened?  I feel like I just came out of a snowy time-warp.  The days between the 21st of December and right now have all been a snowy blur full of family, friends, beers, and video games, all landing me here Terminator-Style (only WITH clothes) in the magical year of 2010.  Now I just need to find that little brat John Connor.

Ok, nerdout aside, welcome back from a long winter’s break everyone.  I (Ryan) spent the week at home in Minnesota, holed up during a nonstop blizzard.  Michelle was back in Kentucky hanging out with her awesome friends and her awesome dog.  It was a great break, but its nice to be back on the grind, or the hustle, or whatever it is the kids are saying these days….

That being said, time for some photos.  Right before we left we shot William’s Bar Mitzvah, and our good friend Susan’s (Susan can we call you that yet?  Or are we jumping the “friend” gun?) Birthday party in the SAME NIGHT.  Both parties were a blast, here are some highlights.  Check out the rest on the MRI Flickr and stay tuned for more!!!

The birthday girl with our "Wing Special" - MRI Lightpainting

The Birthday Girl With the MRI Lightpainting "Wing Special"

MRI Lightpainting at Susan's Birthday

MRI Lightpainting at Susan's Birthday

MRI Lightpainting - William knows a lot of girls

MRI Lightpainting - William knows a lot of girls

MRI Lightpainting - Another Gang.  With Lasers.

MRI Lightpainting - Another Gang. With Lasers.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more.  Coming up we have a few random things we think you’ll like, and of course in February or annual MRI print sale.  That should be sweet.  Have a fantastic 2010!

-Ryan (MRI)

BONUS:  I got to hang out with my good friend Oceans In Space (musical MADMAN), we shot and edited this ridiculously crazy lil video featuring the MRI 5 Finger Light Glove!

Sam’s Bar Mitzvah Photos are UP!

11 12 2009

Last weekend we spent our Saturday night partying with our new friend Sam at his Bar Mitzvah.  The event was held at The Mansion on O Street in DC.  Look the place up, there really is no other way to describe it other than “hotel meets thrift store meets rock and roll hall of fame meets acid trip.”  It has secret passageways and signed (Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Julian Lennon) guitars in every room.

Anyway, the party went off without a hitch, and we got plenty of great shots, and our NEW on-site printing was a big hit.  Check out the whole set on the MRI Flickr, and check out some highlights below.

Tomorrow night we’re booked for another Bar Mitzvah and a private party after that…after that, we’ll be working on a music video collaboration with musician/madman Jeff Taylor.  Here’s a little sample, stay tuned for the (awesome) finished product:

Jeff Taylor + LightpaintingAnd now, Sam’s Bar Mitzvah!

MRI Lightpainting at our first Bar Mitzvah

Sam is an All-Star

Sam himself

Sam himself

Totally a gang...with lasers

Totally a gang...with lasers

Everyone got into it! - MRI Lightpainting

Everyone got into it!

MRI Lightpainting at our first Bar Mitzvah

things got crazy when the DJs passed out lights

Mazel Tov Sam!