The Force is With Us

4 12 2008

Hey Everyone,

Aesop Rock once said “He never had a day a sno cone couldn’t fix”.  Well I feel the same way about lightsabers.  Michelle and I ordered a Force FX official light saber to light paint with, and I just got it in the mail.   Not only is it going to be a great lightpainting tool (great swaths of color), it is just all around AWESOME.  That’s right I’m nerding out over here, saying things like “You should have never come, Obi-Wan” while I make my coffee in the office.  Amazing.  Here is a video of my friend Pete reluctantly taking ‘er for a spin.

We’re looking forward to featuring our new lightsaber in our upcoming piece for National Public Radio’s Science Friday.  So stay tuned, and remember: the dark side is tempting, but fleeting.





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