MRI Lightpainting on and Digg

9 01 2009
MRI Lightpainting - Blinder

MRI Lightpainting - "Blinder"

Hey Everyone,
Just stumbled across another feature of our stuff. This time the love comes from They chose to feature a piece we did for 12v Spotlight called “Blinder”. Its a great shot, but its funny, the stuff that appeals to different people. This blog post seems to be more focused on cleaner, simple lightpainting shots. Ask Michelle, and she will tell you that “Blinder” is not one of her most favorite shots, but yet, its the one that a lot of people respond to. Just goes to show you that once it leaves the artist’s mind’s eye, its up for grabs. – 20 Beautiful Examples of Light Graffiti

Anyway, in further interweb news, this piece made the front page of Digg a few hours ago, so I suppose you can say that we have officially “gone viral” as they say in the biz.  So, head on over there, Digg and favorite the article!!






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