MRI at Flashing Lights in Brooklyn!

26 02 2009

Hey there!  Just taking a break from napping on the beach to remind everyone to come through the Studio B in Brooklyn on Friday March 6th for Flashing Lights, a monthly party featuring a bunch of dope music and the first ever MRI Lightpainting LIVE photo booth!  Info and flyer is below.

MRI Lightpainting at Flashing Lights

MRI Lightpainting at Flashing Lights

-Sunburned MRI


Hawaii Bound

13 02 2009
MRI Lightpainting does karaoke in Hawaii.

MRI Lightpainting does karaoke in Hawaii.

Hey Dudes,

Well, its been a heck of a week/couple weeks.  We had the NPR piece, some great blog pieces, and we did some special valentine’s day stuff.  Its been busy, but busy is good.  Thanks to everyone who showed their love.

What’s next?  Well…

We’re going to Hawaii!  That’s right, the both of us are Hawaii bound for the next few weeks, taking a much needed vacation.  We’ll be staying on an organic farm where no phones/laptops are allowed so if you notice a bit of silence on the blog front, have no fear – we’ll be kicking ass, lightpainting in sunny Hawaii, and we will show you what we come up with when we get back!

Also in the near future…

Some work/possible CD cover for an absolute musical MANIAC, Oceans in Space

And, though it hasn’t been officially announced, MRI will be setting up a LIVE LIGHTPAINTING PHOTO BOOTH at an amazing monthly party called Flashing Lights, at Studio B in Brooklyn.  We will keep you posted with more details but this will be a great chance to come and get your very own lightpainting photo made of yourself and your crew.

So that’s it!  Stay positive everyone, and we will see you all when we get back from Hawaii.


MRI Hearts Neon + Valentine’s Day Bonus

10 02 2009
MRI Lightpainting - Queens

MRI Lightpainting - Queens

Hey Dudes,

First off, thanks to everyone who came out to Artists and Fleas to check out our work and pick up some valentine’s day stuff!  We had a pretty great turnout, and made a lot of new friends who are interested in our work.  However, we still have some valentine’s day prints left, and if you don’t mind getting them a few days after Valentine’s (punctuality is overrated anyway), you can order now from the MRI Etsy shop.  And if you ask nicely…maybe Michelle will throw in a card or a bonus print for you…

Also, and we don’t want to spill TOO much here, but we just got word that our work may be featured in a great book by a great publisher.  The theme for the book right now is simply “neon”, which is something we have in spades, (see, Ryan is an ex-raver nerd, and Michelle has neon blue-green eyes, so it just works) so we’re excited to see how it turns out.  We will definitely keep you posted.  In that vein, We’ve posted a pretty neon-y photo for y’all to enjoy.

Well thats all for now.  Keep kickin ass out there folks.


Artists and Fleas is Tomorrow!

6 02 2009
MRI Lightpainting at Artists and Fleas

MRI Lightpainting at Artists and Fleas

Hey Everyone.  Just a reminder to come by Artists and Fleas Tomorrow from noon to 7pm.  We will have a booth set up, selling our prints, our special LIMITED valentine’s day prints, and our amazing looking Valentine’s Day cards…seriously just picked these up from the printer and they look insane.

Really though you should roll out of bed and come to the market early.  We’ve been selling these prints like hotcakes online and we get the feeling they will go fast.   And the greeting cards have been a big hit, we’ve had to fight to make sure we don’t sell out before tomorrow!

And thanks to the folks at Artists and Fleas for their nice write-up.  The called us “trippingly-fantastic uber-photographer whizkids”.  That’s really nice.

Ok, see yous tomorrow!!


Valentine’s Day Vs. MRI Lightpainting

3 02 2009

MRI Lightpainting - VDay::8

Hey Everyone,

Two things.

1.  We did some special Valentine’s Day images, and we’re pretty happy with the results.  Check them out above and below.  The best part though, is that we are now selling prints online! So head to Michelle’s Etsy shop to buy some Valentine’s day love for that special someone.  All prints are limited, printed on metallic paper, and signed by MRI.

2.  For anyone in the NYC area, we will be at the Artists and Fleas Flea Market this Saturday, all day, February 7th.  We will be selling prints, framed prints, and special valentine’s day greeting cards you can’t get anywhere else.  So come through and get your momma something other than one of those Hallmark cards with the “I don’t do Mondays” lady for Valentine’s Day.




MRI Lightpainting - VDay::11


MRI Lightpainting - VDay::14


MRI Lightpainting - VDay::9

NPR Piece Audio

3 02 2009

Hey There,

We just came across the audio from the NPR piece…so, if you missed it, here is the part of Science Friday where they reference our video and the amazing science behind it.  Enjoy!!

MRI on NPR Science Friday


MRI Lightpainting on NotCot

2 02 2009

NotCot is an amazing bite sized culture and aesthetics blog.  A while back they posted a nice little tidbit about us:

“Light painters MRI have perfected the art of long exposures. Their flickr account is full of light painted gorgeousness.”

Well shucks, thats awful nice of them….

Enjoy the post (and the whole site’s engaging layout) here:

MRI Lightpainting on


P.S.  We just shot some AMAZING Valentine’s day stuff, a sneak peek should be up today, with an announcement of where you can buy for that special someone.