Hawaii Bound

13 02 2009
MRI Lightpainting does karaoke in Hawaii.

MRI Lightpainting does karaoke in Hawaii.

Hey Dudes,

Well, its been a heck of a week/couple weeks.  We had the NPR piece, some great blog pieces, and we did some special valentine’s day stuff.  Its been busy, but busy is good.  Thanks to everyone who showed their love.

What’s next?  Well…

We’re going to Hawaii!  That’s right, the both of us are Hawaii bound for the next few weeks, taking a much needed vacation.  We’ll be staying on an organic farm where no phones/laptops are allowed so if you notice a bit of silence on the blog front, have no fear – we’ll be kicking ass, lightpainting in sunny Hawaii, and we will show you what we come up with when we get back!

Also in the near future…

Some work/possible CD cover for an absolute musical MANIAC, Oceans in Space

And, though it hasn’t been officially announced, MRI will be setting up a LIVE LIGHTPAINTING PHOTO BOOTH at an amazing monthly party called Flashing Lights, at Studio B in Brooklyn.  We will keep you posted with more details but this will be a great chance to come and get your very own lightpainting photo made of yourself and your crew.

So that’s it!  Stay positive everyone, and we will see you all when we get back from Hawaii.





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