Unmasked + New Yorker Tries To Be Us

27 03 2009

..Here, as promised, is one of the final shots of the Flashing Lights kids.  Handsome, aren’t they?

MRI did Flashing Lights

MRI did Flashing Lights

(Left to Right: DJ Ayres, Nick Catchdubs, Jubilee)

This is one of the press photos they ended up using, and thanks to them for letting us throw it on the blog.  There’s more to come in the future, once they get some good miles out of them in the blogs/press/promo world we will put them up here for you to see.

Other than that, they got some great press in the New Yorker…and ahem…that picture…does it look familiar?

Flashing Lights in the New Yorker

Flashing Lights in the New Yorker

Even if we didn’t influence them to make that illustration we are going to go ahead and tell our Moms we made the New Yorker.

Other than that, we hope to see everyone out for the Live Lightpainting Booth Part Deux at Flashing Lights on April 3rd.  Be there and be square.

Ok thats about it, have a great weekend.


p.s.  Unrelated but still unbelievably hilarious.   Say you had a dog, and you named him the name of a TV show, what would you name him?  Michelle and I have been laughing our faces off the entire day over, “This is my dog ‘America’s Most Wanted’, and this little fella here is ‘Cops’.”  Now, you try.


Hawaii Shots, Canon Logic Love

26 03 2009

Hey Guys,

So we just uploaded a few of our shots from Hawaii to the MRI Flickr.  We’re pretty psyched about the results…kind of a more subtle, less overt result.  Refreshingly simple (at least for us).  We took these on our little private beach in Hawaii late at night…running around like fools getting our feet wet and almost drowning the tripod.  Great times.  Enjoy!

MRI Vs Hawaii 1

MRI Vs Hawaii 1

MRI Vs Hawaii 2

MRI Vs Hawaii 2

Also, we just got an AMAZING write up from our friends, The Canon Logic, a sweet band out of Brooklyn and a great group of guys.   Josh (guitars) gave us a sweet write up showing some photos and breaking down our process.   Thanks guys!

MRI Lightpainting on the Canon Logic Blog

Other than that, we still have the next LIVE Photo Booth at Flashing Lights on April 3rd, the Oceans In Space shoot is also  on the horizon as well as a couple other SECRET projects.  Shhh.


Extreme LED Sheep & Update

24 03 2009

Hey Doodz,

Whats up?  We know its been a little while since our last post.  Have no fear we’ve been hard at work getting everything together for our  Lightpainting Photo Booth at the next Flashing Lights Party in Brooklyn on April 3rd!  If you didn’t make it last time, make sure to come out this time and get your very own lightpainting shots done.

Check out the Photo Booth shots from last time at our Flickr

Also, in the near future we will be putting up some subtle lightpainting stuff we did in Hawaii, stay tuned.

Finally, check out this video my boss just sent me.  These guys are geniuses (geniusi?).



Mo’ Lights! x SXSW x Blog Love

17 03 2009
MRI Lightpainting x Flashing Lights Crew

MRI Lightpainting x Flashing Lights Crew

Hey Kids,

How was your weekend?  Ours was pretty big.  Sunday night after a decent weekend (Ryan saw The Pogues but was too sick to dance, Michelle danced like crazy at a friends Bday party) we had a great shoot with the kids from Flashing Lights – DJ’s Ayres, Nick Catchdubs, and Jubilee came through the studio to get their press photos done for their appearances at the South By Southwest Music Conference in Texas this weekend.  The photo above is just a taste, because we don’t want to blow up their spot QUITE yet.  If anyone is lucky enough to be in Austin in the next few days for SXSW, make sure to check these guys out at their various appearances!

Nick Catchdubs

Thursday 3/19 – Fool’s Gold After Dark @ Palm Door
Friday 3/20 – Lose Control @ Canvas Bar & Gallery
Friday 3/20 – AM Only Showcase @ Beauty Bar (w/ DJ Ayres)
Saturday 3/21 – Fader Fort

DJ Ayres

Wed 3/18 – Gigacrate Showcase @ Beso Cantina
Friday 3/20 – AM Only Showcase @ Beauty Bar (w/ Nick Catchdubs)
Saturday 3/21 – OkayPlayer/Frank151 Party @ The Speakeasy


Thursday 3/19 Ol Head / Nightshifters Party @ The Music Gym
Friday 3/20 – Tejano Bounce @ Burleson Warehouse

Check em out!  We promise it will be worth it!

Other than that, we got some great press from the blog Think. Now. Yes. who mentioned us in the same breath as Lastnightsparty.  Which is cool, because we’re like Lastnightsparty if Bronques did little kid’s birthday parties!   Regardless, we appreciate the love, check out Think. Now. Yes. In our “blogroll”.

OK, thats it for now.  More to come so stay tuned gosh darnit!


Flashing Lights Photos Are UP!

12 03 2009


Your Flashing Lights photos are now UP on the MRI Lightpainting Flickr.  They all look AMAZING (special thanks to Michelle for her work getting these together).  If you would like to order Hi-Res prints of your photo, just email mrilightpainting [at] gmail [dot] com with a link to the photo you want printed.  Enjoy and thanks to Katie, Ayres, Catchdubs, and everyone who came out…rumor has it we’ll be back next month…stay tuned (insert evil laugh here).



MRI Lightpainting at FLASHING LIGHTS 5

MRI Lightpainting at FLASHING LIGHTS 5

MRI Lightpainting - Dude with the light-up shoes

MRI Lightpainting - Dude with the light-up shoes

MRI Lightpainting - Lightface and his friend Glowstickcleavage


-MRI Lightpainting

Flashing Lights was AWESOME

9 03 2009


Big thanks to everyone who came out to Flashing Lights on Friday!  We’ll be posting your pictures to our Flickr in the next few days so stay tuned!  If you’d like prints, feel free to email us at mrilightpainting [at] gmail.com

We couldn’t have asked for a better night, better people, or better music to do what we do.  The response was great, watching people wig out over the pictures was hilarious and we had a blast incorporating the chaos from other people into our work.  We got some amazing stuff, and instead of keeping you waiting, we decided to post a little taste here today.  Enjoy and stay tuned for the rest!  Special thanks to Katie and all the Good Peoples crew!

MRI Lightpainting at Flashing Lights 1

MRI Lightpainting at Flashing Lights 1

MRI Lightpainting at Flashing Lights 2

MRI Lightpainting at Flashing Lights 2

MRI Lightpainting at Flashing Lights 3

MRI Lightpainting at Flashing Lights 3


Back from Hawaii/TONIGHT

6 03 2009
MRI Lightpainting - Lil Grass Shack at Night

MRI Lightpainting - Lil Grass Shack at Night

Hello there!

Well, we’ve made it back from our ridiculously awesome trek through Hawaii.  We had many adventures and many many wonderful things that we could ramble on for hours about, but we’ll save that for later.  Most importantly though, we got some AMAZING shots (like the one above of the little grass hut that we stayed in…the shot was all Michelle, with only a little lightpainting to illuminate the hut) that we will be rolling out to you in the next few days.  Stay tuned!!!

Also, in case you didn’t see the post below, we will be setting up a LIVE Lightpainting booth at Flashing Lights TONIGHT at Studio B in Brooklyn.  This is a great party with tons of great house and funk and dance music…not cheesy stuff…just that good stuff you know you need.  Info is below, we’d love to see you all there!

Thats all for now.  Just wanted to shout a quick holler letting everyone know we’re back.  See you tonight!
Friday March 6, 2009
Presented by: Mean Red and Good Peoples
@ STUDIO B, Brooklyn New York
with guest DJs
MIXHELL (Brazil / New Judas)
NACHO LOVERS (Toronto / Fool’s Gold)

and resident DJs
DJ AYRES (The Rub / T&A)
JUBILEE (Nightshifters)

Free FLASHING LIGHTS photo both by MRI Lightpainting

19+ with ID

Doors: 10:00pm
Price: $12 at door / $7 w/ RSVP

2-for-1 drinks from 10-12
Free drink w/ dated taxi receipt to club