Mo’ Lights! x SXSW x Blog Love

17 03 2009
MRI Lightpainting x Flashing Lights Crew

MRI Lightpainting x Flashing Lights Crew

Hey Kids,

How was your weekend?  Ours was pretty big.  Sunday night after a decent weekend (Ryan saw The Pogues but was too sick to dance, Michelle danced like crazy at a friends Bday party) we had a great shoot with the kids from Flashing Lights – DJ’s Ayres, Nick Catchdubs, and Jubilee came through the studio to get their press photos done for their appearances at the South By Southwest Music Conference in Texas this weekend.  The photo above is just a taste, because we don’t want to blow up their spot QUITE yet.  If anyone is lucky enough to be in Austin in the next few days for SXSW, make sure to check these guys out at their various appearances!

Nick Catchdubs

Thursday 3/19 – Fool’s Gold After Dark @ Palm Door
Friday 3/20 – Lose Control @ Canvas Bar & Gallery
Friday 3/20 – AM Only Showcase @ Beauty Bar (w/ DJ Ayres)
Saturday 3/21 – Fader Fort

DJ Ayres

Wed 3/18 – Gigacrate Showcase @ Beso Cantina
Friday 3/20 – AM Only Showcase @ Beauty Bar (w/ Nick Catchdubs)
Saturday 3/21 – OkayPlayer/Frank151 Party @ The Speakeasy


Thursday 3/19 Ol Head / Nightshifters Party @ The Music Gym
Friday 3/20 – Tejano Bounce @ Burleson Warehouse

Check em out!  We promise it will be worth it!

Other than that, we got some great press from the blog Think. Now. Yes. who mentioned us in the same breath as Lastnightsparty.  Which is cool, because we’re like Lastnightsparty if Bronques did little kid’s birthday parties!   Regardless, we appreciate the love, check out Think. Now. Yes. In our “blogroll”.

OK, thats it for now.  More to come so stay tuned gosh darnit!





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