Hawaii Shots, Canon Logic Love

26 03 2009

Hey Guys,

So we just uploaded a few of our shots from Hawaii to the MRI Flickr.  We’re pretty psyched about the results…kind of a more subtle, less overt result.  Refreshingly simple (at least for us).  We took these on our little private beach in Hawaii late at night…running around like fools getting our feet wet and almost drowning the tripod.  Great times.  Enjoy!

MRI Vs Hawaii 1

MRI Vs Hawaii 1

MRI Vs Hawaii 2

MRI Vs Hawaii 2

Also, we just got an AMAZING write up from our friends, The Canon Logic, a sweet band out of Brooklyn and a great group of guys.   Josh (guitars) gave us a sweet write up showing some photos and breaking down our process.   Thanks guys!

MRI Lightpainting on the Canon Logic Blog

Other than that, we still have the next LIVE Photo Booth at Flashing Lights on April 3rd, the Oceans In Space shoot is also  on the horizon as well as a couple other SECRET projects.  Shhh.





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27 03 2009

Those new Hawaii shots are out of this world.

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