Unmasked + New Yorker Tries To Be Us

27 03 2009

..Here, as promised, is one of the final shots of the Flashing Lights kids.  Handsome, aren’t they?

MRI did Flashing Lights

MRI did Flashing Lights

(Left to Right: DJ Ayres, Nick Catchdubs, Jubilee)

This is one of the press photos they ended up using, and thanks to them for letting us throw it on the blog.  There’s more to come in the future, once they get some good miles out of them in the blogs/press/promo world we will put them up here for you to see.

Other than that, they got some great press in the New Yorker…and ahem…that picture…does it look familiar?

Flashing Lights in the New Yorker

Flashing Lights in the New Yorker

Even if we didn’t influence them to make that illustration we are going to go ahead and tell our Moms we made the New Yorker.

Other than that, we hope to see everyone out for the Live Lightpainting Booth Part Deux at Flashing Lights on April 3rd.  Be there and be square.

Ok thats about it, have a great weekend.


p.s.  Unrelated but still unbelievably hilarious.   Say you had a dog, and you named him the name of a TV show, what would you name him?  Michelle and I have been laughing our faces off the entire day over, “This is my dog ‘America’s Most Wanted’, and this little fella here is ‘Cops’.”  Now, you try.




4 responses

28 03 2009

Dog Name: These are my dogs ‘That’s My Mamma’, and ‘Manimal’.

If it was movie names, my dogs would be ‘Shaft’ and ‘Superfly’.

30 03 2009

Brilliant. I’ve always said my dog would be named either “Shaft” or “LaMont Sanford”

31 03 2009

Better dog name, courtesy of my wife. “My Two Dads”

31 03 2009

Brilliant! I’m just going to throw “Bosom Buddies” out there. And, “Facts of Life”, come here boy.

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