Amir Mirza Used Us As Inspiration

10 04 2009

Hey Guys,

This is pretty cool.  An art student name Amir chose to use one of our shots as the inspiration as his final piece.   Here is the original shot, from our Valentine’s Day series:

MRI Lightpainting - Vday

MRI Lightpainting - Vday

And here is his final art project.  He did a great job!  And of course we are flattered that anyone would find our stuff inspiring enough to create something based on it.

Amir Mirza Vs. MR Lightpainting

Amir Mirza Vs. MR Lightpainting

Thanks Amir, and keep up the good work!

Other than that, we’ll be shooting Oceans In Space’s album cover soon.  And we will also be preparing for an upcoming futuristic lightpainting fashion shoot (yeah!) by watching Blade Runner and TRON.  So stay tuned!


ok…had to do it…




One response

14 04 2009

Thanks Ryan! Like I said I’m honoured that you put a blog post up about it, and its been a pleasure studying your work. 😀 I’ll still be viewing your blog and I wish you both the best in the future! 🙂

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