MRI is for the PUPS

22 06 2009

It’s crazy, this photobooth thing…it was just a random idea we had that took off in its own weird way.  Now we are lucky enough to have random people and organizations hitting us up to bring our lights and our camera out to light up their friends.  We are definitely grateful, we just need to step up our personal lightpaintings.

That being said, we have a top secret project in the future for a friend (can’t ruin the surprise) and we are going to do some film stuff with only 10 shots of slide film.  Lightpainting gets real when you can’t see the results immediately.  We’ll post those soon enough.

Other than that, we have another lightpainting photo booth coming up this week!  This time its for one of Michelle’s favorite causes…animals.  The kid loves dogs more than her own self, so naturally we jumped at the chance to set up a booth at “Let’s Do it Doggystyle” a fundraising event for Project Pet, a group that provides funding and help to no-kill animal shelters that deserve it.

Flyer and info is below.  Hope to see y’all there.

Project Pet Inc - Lets do it Doggystyle Event

Project Pet Inc - Lets do it Doggystyle Event

Where our dogs at? (had to do it.)





2 responses

22 06 2009

thanks for posting! cant wait for thursday!

24 06 2009
Good Peoples » MRI Lightpainting for the Pups

[…] Flyer and info at the MRI Blog […]

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