Tron Legacy…finally

29 07 2009

Hey Everyone,

Its been a long time, sorry guys!  We’ve been out on vacay for a week, but we haven’t been idle.  Great things on their way, but for now…feast your eyes.  Its no secret that we’re big Tron fans, and this video has been circulating around the interwebs (albeit in really poor quality) for awhile now, but the hi-res full quality teaser for TRON: LEGACY just came out and it looks unbelievable.  Check it out.

Color us inspired. The most interesting thing is the elements of chaos in what used to be a controlled world (probably due to technological constraints) – the slightly wavering trails behind the bikes as they haphazardly knock stuff over and crash into each other make for a much stronger, more tactile image…uhh… </nerdout>