Obi + Lightsaber = Jedi

4 08 2009

So we’ve got a lot of stuff coming out in the next couple weeks, which we think you will enjoy.

Lets start it off light.  While we were back in MN, we got to meet Obi, My friend Matt’s new Boston Terrier (who pooped all over my parents house but that’s another story) that he got with his girl, Sam.  Matt is a huge dork, which is how we became friends…by bonding over Aliens, Predators and uhh…Bio Dome.   So anyway, naturally he named this little dude “Obi”, after the light-saber wielding Jedi from Star Wars.

Given the namesake, we had the idea of doing a lightsaber shoot for the young Jedi.  The results are pretty cute, check em out.  May the Schwartz be with you.

Obi on MRI Lightpainting 2

Obi on MRI Lightpainting 2

I like how Matt looks more stoked than the dog.

Anyway, that’s all for now, but there is more on the way.

-Ryan (M::R::I)




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