TONIGHT: Plant Music CMJ Party In BK

23 10 2009
MRI Lightpainting + Plant Music

MRI Lightpainting + Plant Music

YO!  So we know its been awhile, but we are back on the attack.  We just got a last minute job at a PLANT MUSIC party in Brooklyn for CMJ.  Amazing DJ’s Tittsworth, Stretch Armstrong, Nadastrom and more will be taking care of the music, and MRI will be there from 12-2 am providing the acid-without-actual-acid-headed-visuals.  Come by and get lightpainted!  We would love to see some old friends and new faces.

The party starts at 10, at Brooklyn Docs (322 Union Ave).  Flyer and info is here.

Check out some past lightpainting photo booth shots at the MRI Flickr.

Stay tuned for more!  We just booked our first Bar Mitzvah (best.  bar mitzvah.  ever.) and we will soon be offering printing AT the event!  So you can take your light creations home with you.  Put ’em in your bathroom…or wherever it is people put pictures of themselves.




One response

24 10 2009

Bar Mitzvah, aaah thats amazing!!!! I wish I had ya’ll at mine instead of those stupid regular photo booths where they stick you with a superimposed celebrity, how lame. I would have much rather had some light painting done, maybe drawn into a car or had a nice jewish star sitting right above my eye. Perhaps we can have MRI at our Halloween party, would be amazing.

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