Sam’s Bar Mitzvah Photos are UP!

11 12 2009

Last weekend we spent our Saturday night partying with our new friend Sam at his Bar Mitzvah.  The event was held at The Mansion on O Street in DC.  Look the place up, there really is no other way to describe it other than “hotel meets thrift store meets rock and roll hall of fame meets acid trip.”  It has secret passageways and signed (Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Julian Lennon) guitars in every room.

Anyway, the party went off without a hitch, and we got plenty of great shots, and our NEW on-site printing was a big hit.  Check out the whole set on the MRI Flickr, and check out some highlights below.

Tomorrow night we’re booked for another Bar Mitzvah and a private party after that…after that, we’ll be working on a music video collaboration with musician/madman Jeff Taylor.  Here’s a little sample, stay tuned for the (awesome) finished product:

Jeff Taylor + LightpaintingAnd now, Sam’s Bar Mitzvah!

MRI Lightpainting at our first Bar Mitzvah

Sam is an All-Star

Sam himself

Sam himself

Totally a gang...with lasers

Totally a gang...with lasers

Everyone got into it! - MRI Lightpainting

Everyone got into it!

MRI Lightpainting at our first Bar Mitzvah

things got crazy when the DJs passed out lights

Mazel Tov Sam!


The Canon Logic – “Delia”

4 12 2009

In my internet travels, I randomly came across this video of our friends in The Canon Logic doing their song “Delia” across the Brooklyn Bridge, and I loved it…reminded me of those awesome “Take Away Shows”.

Speaking of the Take Away Shows, this one is an MRI favorite…

Not necessarily lightpainting related, but we love The Canon Logic so….yup.