New Photo: “Almost. Completely. Gone”

14 04 2010

Last night we took a little time to shoot something more abstract.  I (Ryan) had been itching for a more expressive shoot since we had mostly been shooting photo booths for the last few months.  I had the idea of some random, semi-disconnected text (written on the official MRI Chalkboard wall) that connected in a way to some lightpainting imagery.

So Michelle and I got out the equipment, and I suppose what we came up with is a person leaving a goodbye note as they start to disappear completely…leaving only lights behind.  We also got a few other shots (and we’ll definitely be doing more chalk/light pieces), but I wanted to get this one up right now because it feels so fresh.  Check it out and enjoy…

MRI Lightpainting - "Almost.Completely.Gone"

MRI Lightpainting - "Almost.Completely.Gone"

-Ryan (M::R::I)